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   To help you make this very important decision of which remodeler to choose to renovate your home,
   we have prepared a list of questions that can help you decide. 
   You may use this check list during your personal meetings to ensure that you have asked all the important questions

   Questions to ask in a phone interview:
   Do you have an office location? If yes, what is your address?
   Are you properly licensed in this state?
   Be sure to verify the license number with the State of California. Confirm that they give you their 
   contractor’s license, not just their occupational license.
   Will you pull all necessary permits?
   Do you carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance?
   Do you offer a written warranty on all workmanship?
   Can you give me homeowner and supplier references?
   Will you provide me with a written contract that guarantees price, clearly spells out exactly
   what you will do, identifies what your price includes and excludes and defines a payment schedule?
   Questions to ask in personal meeting 
   How many projects like mine have you completed in the last year or two?
   How long is your warranty?
   Do you offer a fixed-price contract?
   How many years have you been in the remodeling business?
   What is your process of managing jobs?
   How often will you be at my job site?
   Who will be in charge of my job? May I meet this person?
   How is daily communication handled?
   Do you offer homeowners any wholesale discounts on materials?
   Are you part of a design-build team and how could that benefit my project?
   Are professional interior design and architectural design services available for my job?
   Making the Final Cut
   Once you have had all of your questions answered by the contractor, we recommend
   that you follow through with questioning the contractor’s clients:
   Call the contractor’s references
   Inspect the contractor’s work
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