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Is to help people manage the anxiety related to property losses due to WATER, WIND, VEHICLE  and FIRE damage.  We will assist you in repairing your property back to pre-loss condition with the least amount of stress to YOU.

When a fire occurs, putting the flames out as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance. However, dousing a fire’s flames can cause its own set of problems. On top of the soot and smoke damage left behind by a fire, water damage becomes the property owner’s next issue. Water must be removed and the building thoroughly dried as quickly as possible in order to prevent mold, which can grow rapidly in a high-humidity environment. Professional dehumidification services ensure that the relative humidity level appropriate for your building is restored, while mold remediation services eradicate all traces of mold, which can be damaging not only to the building, but potentially to the health of individuals who are exposed to it. Residue left behind by soot and smoke should to be dealt with next as this is a corrosive substance that, if left untreated, can erode surfaces,  causing further damage to your property.

Did you know that 85% of the disasters we handle include water damage from fire, flooding, pipe breaks, and storms? Quickly addressing water damage is critical to securing the structure of your building. Having the right experts in place is equally important if you want the job done right.

CRANE will implement a water damage mitigation and restoration plan to extract, dry, and dehumidify your building to prevent further damage using our own state-of-the-art water extraction, and drying and dehumidification equipment. Plus, we have moisture-reading equipment to detect water in places you can’t see, like walls and ceilings. Your building will look as though water damage never happened.
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